The Raven #23: Spain + Emma Goldman

Cover of Raven 23

A 1993 issue of this anarchist journal published by Freedom Press. Themed around Spain: Franco and After / Emma Goldman.

Submitted by Fozzie on December 23, 2022


Spain: Under Franco & After

  • Spanish Anarchism in Exile - Jose Peirats
  • Which Way forward for the CNT ? - Les Amis de la CNT (AIT)
  • Mondragon in review - Mike Long
  • La Fundacion: reality and appearance in Spain - Neil Birrell
  • Franco’s mass graves - John Rety

Emma Goldman

  • Emma Goldman in Exile: English Conservatism and the Spanish Revolution - David Goodway
  • Emma Goldman: a voice for women? - Donna Farmer

llustrations between pages 240 and 245


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