The Raven #37: Anarchism in the Americas and China

Illustration of a silhouetted Mickey Mous carrying a circled A, a ying and yang sympbol and some Chinese characters

Anarchist journal published by Freedom Press in 1998.

Submitted by Fozzie on September 18, 2022


  • Introduction - Neil Birrell
  • Excerpts from a speech by Bill Clinton to San Diego graduates - Lester
  • Letter to a Chinese dissident - Hsi Hsuan-Wou
  • News from the New World - Joy Wood
  • A Chinese 'Floating Worker' - Hsi Hsuan-Wou
  • Cowboys and Indians: the dumbing down of American myths - Karl Young
  • Native American Anarchism - J.W. Baker
  • The Anarchist movement in Chile - Larry Gambone
  • Hong Kong and China: what's new(s)? - Henry Rosemont Jr.
  • Comments on Raven 36 - Donald Rooum and Peter Neville


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