Recent Exclusions

Jan Strijbosch, Anton Hartstein, Théo Frey, Jean Garnault and Herbert Holl are kicked out of the Situationist International.

From Internationale Situationniste #11 (October 1967).

Submitted by Fozzie on April 3, 2023

In July, Jan Strijbosch (Holland) was excluded by the 7th Conference for demanding the readmission to the SI of Rudi Renson, whose state of total inactivity for over a year is generally regarded as an effective resignation — or even pure and simple disappearance.

As Strijbosch's own activity has hardly been any more visible of late, we had no desire to justify some kind of "tendency" of incommunicable participation. (We should point out that we have never had any other problem with these comrades.)

Anton Hartstein was excluded shortly after for theoretical inadequacy, which became apparent with his intervention on the question of the State at the same Conference; and which was almost immediately exacerbated by the fact that he was somewhat slow to react when the practical solidarity of the SI was required.

Théo Frey, Jean Garnault and Herbert Holl were excluded as soon as they were no longer able to back up their lies in their confrontation with Mustapha Khayati, which was adjudicated by the SI. This was around midnight on 15 January: the detail is worth noting, for as an important argument in one of their proclamations, the liars later wrote that it was already the 16th, and therefore pretended that there was some discrepancy in their expulsion from the SI that somehow validated their accumulation of concerted falsifications. Having admitted at that point, almost as a justification, that they had for a few months constituted a secret faction devoted to taking power within the SI (an operation of a magical nature, because this "power" is nothing other than certain individual theoretical and practical capacities of which they felt deprived and, judging by their conduct, had no chance of ever attaining). They also claimed that Edith Frey was involved. Given the unreliability of their word, and the fact that she was absent, we could not be sure of this last confession concerning a third party, and her name has thus not been included in the statement of exclusion. However, as Edith Frey is effectively in solidarity with these liars, we have no choice but to assume that she was in on their secret.

Translated by Reuben Keehan. From: