Repression against Polish posties

Workers Initiative Organise Fight Back

After the strikes of postal workers in November, the authorities of Polish Post (Poczta Polska) are repressing the participants of the protest and also trade union activists. Bartosz Kantorczyk, one of the people that have started the strike, was moved to work in another post office.

Submitted by WeTheYouth on February 5, 2007 coverage of the November strikes (1, 2).

Bartosz Kantorczyk, a well-known trade union activist who has demanded respect for workers and trade unionists' rights, has been illegally relocated by management in what fellow trade unionists have called "a sign of repression." Bartosz was of prominent in the November 2006 dispute when he was a member of the strike committee chosen by the work crew. His name featured widely in the local and national press coverage of the strike. Other known activists were also threatened with the sack by Polish Post management because of their support for a previous protest and supporting the demands of the strike.

Trade Union Workers' Initiative has demanded immediate action of the Polish Post management to move Bartosz Kantorczyk back to the post office he worked in and have announced protest pickets in Gadansk, Poznan, Warsaw and other towns in support of that demand.