Riff-Raff No. 7: Critique of political organisation

Issue 7 of Riff-Raff, a Swedish journal influenced by left communist and autonomist Marxist strains, published in summer 2005.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on June 21, 2011

In our seventh issue we criticise and discuss political organisation from different perspectives, as the welfare-state, democracy and activism. In connection to this, Marcel from the editorial board stresses the importance of the de-subjecification of the proletariat, i.e. its abolishing as a class. As a continuation of the discussion on the theories of decadence and crisis, we present an article by the Italian Giacomo Marramao where he enthrones the question of method in the treatment of the subject–object-relation in defence of, among others, Grossman and Mattick. Finally, in his King of Prussia, Marx emphasises the social character of the revolution and maintains that its political side chiefly is dissolving.

-Critique of Political Organisation: An Introduction

-Wildcat: Reforming the welfare state for saving capitalism: The ‘guaranteed income’ and new reformist illusions

-Democracy as the community of capital: A provisional critique of democracy

-Amadeo Bordiga: Seize power or seize the factory?

-Giacomo Marramao: Theory of crisis and the problem of constitution

-Communism of attack, and communism of withdrawal (PDF of rough translation attached)

-Correspondence between parts of the riff-raff-collective and Gilles Dauvé

-J. Kellstadt: The Necessity and Impossibility of Anti-Activism

-Karl Marx: Critical notes on the article ‘The king of Prussia and social reform. By a Prussian’