Short Report of a Pavement Shop-Keeper in the Industrial Area

Submitted by Django on August 10, 2010

In Udyog Vihar Phase I to IV there are about 1,000 pavement shop-keepers, selling tea, cigarettes, small items. There used to be one official canteen per Phase, the canteen officials would take around 500 Rs from each pavement shop-keeper in their area. This went on till January 2009. The licenses for these canteens ran out, no there is no canteen left in Udyog Vihar. After having worked on the pavements for years now guys of the Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) have started to chase each individual shop-keeper away. We shopkeepers gathered and went to meet some local political leaders three times. Together with these leaders we organised a demonstration in front of the HSIIDC office in Udyog Vihar Phase 5, this was in December 2009. The leaders gave the HSIIDC officials a notification. The leaders then said: “Open your shops, you will get a permission”. But HSIIDC guys turned up again and threw away all our sales goods. After the demonstration the leaders did not show up again.