Silvestrov, (Seliverstov) Nikolai Grigorevich (1896-1937)


A short biography of Russian anarchist Nikolai Silvestrov

Submitted by Battlescarred on July 17, 2017

Nikolai Silvestrov was born at Kharkov in the Ukraine on 21st May 1896. He became an anarchist communist during the Civil War and was a member of the anarchist underground from 1920 onwards.

He suffered continuous persecution from 1920, experiencing years of prisons, camps and exiles, including the appalling Solovki camp but refusing to capitulale and going on several hunger strikes to protest at conditions.

He was arrested in 1924, and the following year sentenced to five years imprisonment followed by exile in Arkhangelsk. There in November 1932 he was sentenced to three years in a political isolator. He was again arrested in Kursk and sentenced on November 16th 1936 to five years of prison camp. He was sentenced to death on October 9th 1937 by a NKVD troika and shot on 3rd November 1937 at Sandarmokh in Karelia, where thousands of others were shot and buried.

Thanks to Kate Sharley Library for photograph of Silvestrov

Nick Heath

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