Sisters, brothers, it’s time for some strategical roots manuvas

Short call to get rooted and to link up local working class initiatives - a basic proposal

Submitted by AngryWorkersWorld on April 26, 2017

There’s a lot of people out there despairing – hoping for struggles for a better world, but feeling isolated and unsure of where to focus their political action. We think we have to dig in and reach out, grow roots and branches, mix and mingle in the daily grind, while keeping a hot heart and cool head, looking forward…
*  The tension between what society could be like and the ruling reality of divide-and-rule is gonna increase and kill. There won’t be no soft cushions, no popular short-cuts - the crisis won’t be voted away. It’s working class self-defence and organisation from now on.
* Large parts of the current ‘revolutionary’ left have no roots. We are caught in a cycle of reactions. We debate revolution in a bubble, while bumping our heads against single issues. The latest campaign. We’ve got no class and think that’s cool.
* We can’t just ‘start where we are’, we have to move our ass. It’s only a few of us, we have to be where it’s at. For us that’s where working class people come together, day-to-day, and face capital and each other. Big workplaces are central, neighbourhoods are not irrelevant.
* Dig in, get a job and learn. Or go to new places and ask. Discover how people organise and why they don’t. Slowly help build structures. Our SolNet is getting off the ground. We meet weekly, at McDonalds, in an Indian tea house, in the 24h Asda cafe. Form small gangs at work.
* Keep all this together in a regular publication for the area - this is central! Become a mirror for the class, help to look ahead. Forget about Twitter, create working class papers. Pick up the small stories of resistance from the packaging department, write about our wish and reasoning to fight for a classless society.  
* Let’s share these experiences and link up. Forget about the shiny surface of organisations, let’s be open and share what works and what doesn’t.
What does that mean?
* We aren’t calling for a new organisation, but for a new political practice and coordination.
* As an individual or a group: analyse your local working class surroundings. Look for concentrations, conflicts, current divisions. In these days, low-waged jobs, employing many migrant workers at central points of exploitation will be decisive locations. But there are others. Let’s share reports of what we find.
* Settle down. Start small, but start. Workplace groups and solidarity networks in the territory are starting points. From there we can learn. Let’s share regular reports, about flops and all.
* We can work on the newspapers together. Circulate workplace reports from the same industries or companies, but different regions. Share research on the plans of the pigs and the global connections of our class. Discuss editorials on working class nationalism and its dead-ends, on the pitfalls of working class family life.
We will need this rooting process, headless chickens will get eaten. The days after the election will be a big come-down, either way. Historical lessons and positions for a fundamental social transformation can’t just be poured into the working class. Or screened into it on YouTube channels. These positions have to be lived and fought over within the class. We want to link up with comrades who think similarly. We want to document this process centrally and self-critically - as a coordination of working class initiatives. We want to meet face-to-face in future.
If you are up for it, get in touch.

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