The support team of the defendants in the "Tyumen case" summarizes the results of the past two months

In September, Yura Neznamov had to fight for his health and medical care. A neoplasm appeared on his leg. Later it turned out to be a small benign tumor. All complaints about his health were ignored by the doctors of SIZO-1 in Tyumen (where the defendants in the "Tyumen case" are kept). The lawyer wrote a large number of complaints and obtained medical care for Yura.

Submitted by S2W on November 14, 2023

Over the past few months, the investigation has conducted confrontations between Kirill Brik, who signed a pre-trial agreement, and other defendants: Deniz Aydyn, Nikita Oleynik and Danil Chertykov. In all cases, Kirill Brik confirmed the investigation's version of the existence of a "terrorist community".

In September we finalized the Solidarity Festival. You held a large number of events, actions and wrote a hundred letters in support of the guys. Events in support of the defendants of the "Tyumen case" took place in different parts of the world: Irkutsk, Samara, Istanbul, Togliatti, Lisbon, Yerevan, Vilnius, Tbilisi, as well as online events.

At the beginning of October we launched a new merchandise: zines dedicated to the work of the "Tyumen case" defendants, as well as postcards and stickers. In the zine we collected the best poems and drawings of our guys: Nikita Oleinik, Danil Chertykov, Deniz Aydin, Yura Neznamov and Roma Paklin.

In October, we published an interview with Leonid Bondarenko, a comrade of Nikita Oleinik and Roman Paklin. In August, Leonid's home was searched by FSB officers looking for things belonging to the defendants of the "Tyumen case", after which he was taken away for interrogation. During the interrogation Leonid was threatened and exerted psychological and physical pressure. Now Leonid is safe.

In October, Deniz's appeal hearing on torture was held in the Tyumen Regional Court. The court did not get into the arguments of the defense and once again refused to initiate criminal proceedings against the torturers.

At the end of October the guys had trials to extend the measure of restraint. Deniz, Kirill, Yura, Danil and Nikita were left in custody until the end of January 2024. Roma Paklin is currently undergoing treatment in the Lebedev psychiatric hospital in the Tyumen region and therefore he did not have a trial to extend his preventive measure.

In the last two months, defense expenses amounted to 335,150 ₽. In September, we were able to raise 96,500 ₽. For October, 26,000 ₽ including merch sales.

Our expenses are now far in excess of donations, and the guys have court hearings ahead of them on the merits of the case. Monthly expenses for defense and support of five defendants out of six inside SIZO-1 amount to about 180,000 ₽. The balance on our cards is only enough to partially cover the expenses. In such a difficult financial situation, we need your help more than ever!

We have launched a fundraising campaign on the Firefund platform and ask our international solidarity community to participate in our fight for justice and freedom! You can learn more about the case and support us by transferring an amount that is comfortable for you by clicking on the link :

Thank you for being indifferent and continuing to follow the case! We really appreciate your support. Solidarity is our weapon!



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