Toward a history of the CIO: a bibliographical report

An essay by Robert H. Zieger on some of the various writings on the CIO up to 1985.

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Originally appeared in Labor History Volume 26, Issue 4, 1985



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Anyone read this?

His suggestion of an "external" form of workers control is a bit ill-formed, even given his references. I'll grant that one has to take in more than the shop-floor, especially when looking past Montgoemry's periods of focus, but control over hiring and firing and discipline is control of the shopfloor, or really, a step towards control of work itself. Once he starts suggesting that workers control is extended into investigating the private delusions of entrepenuriship amongst autoworkers, I'm a bit baffled.

Workers negotiate with capital on and off the shop floor, in groupings of ethnicity, race, gender, income etc. But I think that Montgomery and others are right that the engine and focus of workers' control starts with the ways they resist the job daily.