TV Times - 12 - 18 April 2008

This weeks pick reconstructs the events of 1976 at Entebbe airport when hostages were rescued from Baader-Meinhof members.

Submitted by Lone Wolf on April 13, 2008

Other programmes worth watching include an analysis on the effects of the credit crunch in Britain, the tragic consequences of Kenya's population boom and a continued investigation into the cultural impact of immigration.

Monday 14 April - 8 - 9pm - Channel 4 - Immigration: the Inconvenient Truth - 2/3
In this second documentary, Rageh Omaar visits Leicester, set to become Britain's first majority non-white city, to talk to locals in parallel communities about the racial tensions that exist in the city.

Monday 14 April - 8.30 - 9pm - BBC1 - Panorama - Feeling the Pinch
This edition seeks to analyse the likely effects of the recent credit crunch and concomitant rises in food, fuel and transport costs on the financial and psychological well-being of the people of Britain.

Pick of the Week :rb:
Tuesday 15 April - 9 - 10pm - BBC2 - Age of Terror - 1/4 - Terror International
In the first of this documentary series exploring major terrorist incidents over the last four decades, journalist Peter Taylor tells the story of the 1976 hijacking of an Air France airliner by Palestinians working with members of Germany's Baader-Meinhof gang - a crisis that was ended by a daring raid on Uganda's Entebbe airport. The programme intersperses dramatic reconstructions of key moments with interviews with hostages, former members of the terrorist groups and Israeli commandos who took part in the rescue mission. Reflecting on how Palestine is still a major cause of terrorism today, Taylor states that in order to tackle it, governments must: "Try to understand the underlying nature of terrorism, its wellsprings, its motivations. You achieve nothing by demonising."

Friday 18 April - 7.35 - 8pm - Channel 4 - Unreported World - 10/10 - Kenya's Human Time Bomb
The final edition in this series reveals how a critical population boom in Kenya has been one of the root causes of recent violence, uncovering chilling evidence of tribal massacres.