TV Times - 31 March - 6 April 2007

This weeks selections continue to focus on issues of slavery and racism and also include a portrait of religious extremism, an argument as to the ineffectual nature of the open prison system and a biopic of an influential Marxist artist.

Submitted by Lone Wolf on March 31, 2007

Pick of the Week :rb:
Sun 1 April - BBC2 - 9 -10pm - Louis Theroux - The Most Hated Family in America
Theroux spends three weeks with the controversial Phelps family who make up a large part of the 71- strong congregation of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka in Kansas who appear to blame all the ills of society including 9/11 and the death of US troops in Iraq on... er... homosexuality. Right.

Mon 2 April - BBC1 - 7.30 - 8pm - Shopping the Supermarkets - Milking the Suppliers
This edition looks at the financial struggles faced by suppliers who are forced to accept lower remuneration from the major supermarkets in order to subsidise the stores cost-cutting activities.

Mon 2 April - Channel 4 - 8- 9pm - Dispatches: Undercover Prisoner
Covert footage filmed by a prisoner at an open prison in Lincolnshire reveals major lapses in security and a lack of rehabilitation of the inmates.

Tue 3 April - Channel 5 - 7.15pm - 8pm - Big Ideas That Changed the World - 1/5 - Rev. Jesse Jackson
A personal take on the struggle for racial equality in the US that whilst arguing that the principle of equality was first set out in the Bible does go on to state the chilling fact that most of the lynchings of blacks by whites in the Deep South were carried out at church on Sundays! Deeply deeply shameful.

Wed 4 April - BBC4 - 9 - 10pm - Racism: a History
In the conclusion of this three-part documentary the impact of racism in the 20th century is considered specifically focussing on how slavery in the Belgian Congo and racial segregation in the US have shaped modern day society globally.

Fri 6 April - BBC2 - 10.55pm - 12.50am - Frida
An impassioned performance from Salma Hayek is a highlight in this portrayal of the influential "bisexual Bohemian Marxist" artist Frida Kahlo whose marriage to the radical mural painter Diego Riviera bought her into contact with the likes of Trotsky.