Vietnam: Wildcat strike at garment factory

The workers on strike
The workers on strike

Some 350 workers at a Taiwanese-owned garment company in central Vietnam struck work Monday demanding higher wages and lower workload.

Submitted by Steven. on May 22, 2007 reported that the workers of Sportteam Corporation said they were paid VND490,000 (US$30) monthly but had to work up to 14 hours daily. They also had to work overtime and night shifts regularly without extra pay.

Vietnam regulates a minimum wage of VND710,000 ($44) for foreign invested sector.

Local labor authorities, while mediating between the company and the workers, found out that the two sides did not have labor contracts.

The company said they would welcome workers back to work tomorrow. The authorities, however, said many disputes were still being solved.



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Submitted by sd300bn on February 29, 2008

Textile Worker Strike in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

There is a Taiwanese owned textile factory with approximately 3'000 workers has been suffering the worker strike recently and the factory is preparing to cut down the current opreations, and most probably shut down the business in Trang Banh, Tay Ninh, HCM.

The worker were asking for increase of salary, and the factory has increased VND 170'0000 ( US$ 11 ) and the minimum wage is there reaches VND 1'050'000, and plus the incentive, allowance and O/T, the monthly wage is approximately VND 1'600'000 for normal sewing worker. The worker has been strike for 9 days and asking the factory to make full pay for this 9 days of strike, this request has become very unreasonable and the factory management is therefore planning to shut down the operations in Vietnam.

The government of Vietnam has no support to foreign investment, the strike worker has throw the stone to the factory building, and to those worker who still working in the factory during the strike, but the local governmnet authority did nothing aganist these strike worker.