What is ASI?

Serbian IWA section's explanation of who they are.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on February 6, 2010

Union Confederation Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative (ASI) is an anarchist, rather an anarcho-syndicalist, organization with the goals of social struggle and propaganda.

We struggle for a society based on individual and colective freedom, equality, solidarity and mutual aid, a society freed of any form of repression, hierarchy or authority of people over other people. We believe that the realization of our ideas requires us to renounce all forms of authoritarian organizing. Due to all of this, we are organized according to principles of non-hierarchical direct democracy in our workplaces, educational institutions, and generally in all places where we are humiliated and exploited.

The world is divided in two classes: the class of exploiters and the class of the exploited; therefore we consider all those who want to maintain this status quo to be the enemies of freedom. In our fight for a classless society, we fight against the State - against the structure whose only purpose is the protection of the interest of the ruling class and capitalist social relations, in which the capitalist lives on surpluss value - the unpaid work of workers. In any case, our struggle also consists of the fight against all negative consequences of such society: all forms of nationalism, racial and gender as well as discrimination based on sexual preference; and against the church - the insitution which secretes its conservativity and hatred towards freedom.

It is clear to us that the realization of our final demands /the liberation of the working class and all individuals that comprize it, the abolishion of the State and the capitalist system/ is in complete opposition with the interests of petty-politicians and bosses, and because of this, besides everyday struggles for improvement of working conditions in our workplaces, we are conscious of the necessity for a radical break with the current society and the necessity of its revolutionary change.