Where’s the Winter Palace? On the Marxist-Leninist Trend in the United States

Published by The Left Wind, March 2nd 2018, this is a critical summary of Marxist Leninism in the contemporary US.

Submitted by Mike Harman on March 19, 2018

While libcom would disagree with some of the politics and conclusions of this essay, it contains an insightful analysis of Marxist-Leninist tendencies in the US and some of the observations can be applied to other tendencies. We therefore republish it to encourage further discussion.

We hope that this blog can serve as a tool for further dialogue with the intention of building inroads between Marxists, socialists, and communists of various tendencies and traditions.

The goal of this particular essay is to provoke discussion on strategy and practice for the revolutionary left in the U.S. today, as well as to engage with the Marxist-Leninist trend regarding what we believe to be its strengths and weaknesses. We welcome criticism, commentary, and general engagement with this essay in the spirit of comradely discussion.

- The Left Wind

Originally posted at https://theleftwind.wordpress.com/2018/03/02/winter-palace/