Wildcat strikes continue on Belgian railways

Belgian rail carrier SNCB
Belgian rail carrier SNCB

Train drivers in Belgium are due to be returning to work following a wildcat strike yesterday which prompted transport minister André Antoine to demand they be sacked.

Submitted by Steven. on March 13, 2007

Drivers at the Onoz depot on the Namur-Luxembourg line walked out at 4am Monday 12 March in protest against a new annual leave system.

The Wallonia minister of transport, Antoine, said that strike leaders should be fired. He declared: "We have here a wildcat strike by the trade unions. I asked for a disciplinary investigation in order to identify the persons in charge. If they are identified, I asked that they be laid off. The behaviour of some cannot harm in the majority"

As reported elsewhere on libcom.org a wildcat strike of conductors paralysed services across Wallonia in late February following assaults on staff, and only returned to work following a commitment to improve safety on trains.

Meanwhile a refusal to check tickets and potential national strike were on the cards in a dispute over staff bonuses. We are not aware of what developments have taken place here so if you have any information please contact us.