World Labour News vol 3 #2 Mar 1962

English Paper of the International Working Mens Association

Submitted by syndicalist on August 20, 2016

- French Miners occupy condemned pits

- Union threat to militant

- Rank and File Conference

- The postal work-to-rule

- Transport men must link up

- Two New Pamphlets - Strikes - 1926 and now
The British General Strike (SWF)
Strike Strategy (National Rank & File Movement)

- Swedish Syndicalists hit Franco's tourist trade

- Sicily: A Hero of the People

- New strike patterns

- Pages of Labour History: The Battle of Gardners Corner

- Ireland and the Common Market

- Death of two comrades

- Bulgaria - How the workers live

- Postbag: The Seamans Voice

- Cuban Syndicalists jailed


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