CGT declaration

Statement from the CGT trade union on the CPE.

Submitted by jef costello on March 14, 2006

Translated by Jef Costello for

The strength of the moblisation, the increasing numbers, the convergence between workers and young people has forced the minister to justify himself on TF1 on the 12th of March. The demand of students, Schoolkids and the vast majority of the population of the population has been the abandonment of a measure which allows employers to fire people without having to give a reason.

The prime minister has not responded to these demands. He has merely tried to deflect them by offering pseudo-guarantees which are aimed more at increasing unemployment that stabilising employment.
Continuing to ride roughshod the prime minister has insisted that the 12th of March his "plan will be put into effect". He has claimed to want to negotiate, but only to measures supporting the CPE.

He claims to want to discuss the precariousness of work whilst he unilaterally institutes a measure that increases this insecurity. He claims to be willing to listen but he confronts the young people of France with the police.
For the CGT the withdrawal of the CPE is non-negotiable. The government must declare this without delay, or cause new and important mobilisations across the country.

The CGT is putting its full efforts into supporting the demostrations agreed for this week: both action called for the 16th of March called for by scholchildren and students and the action called for the 18th of March by the majority of unions, students, schoolchildren and workers.

Together, Youths and families, workers, the retired and the unemployed, we will get the CPE withdrawn, and the CNE and more generally a major social renegotiation to push back the increasing precariousness of work and to obtain a professional social security.