at the Anarchist Bookfair

Saturday 21st October sees the return to North London of the Anarchist Bookfair now in its 26th year. Of course will be there, so if you are coming down - pass by and say "hi" at our stall. Then as the bookfair winds down join us in the Coronet pub next door, preliminary rumours suggest libcom forum users will be gathering there from 2.30pm. If for any reason that pub doesn't work out find us in El Comandante, behind the Coronet.

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Oct 18 2006 18:08


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Oct 19 2006 11:23

I can't be there, unfortunately, but most of the rest of the admins will be, so hope you all have fun at the anarchist christmas!

Lone Wolf
Oct 19 2006 18:46

Ha!! Hadn't thought of it as the anarchist Christmas - s'pose it is in a way!! This is just to say for anyone who happens to be reading this that there WILL also be a Libcom Anarchist Christmas party aussi. No details yet as I thought I would start a thread straight after the Bookfair to help alleviate any feelings of apres Bookfair anti-climax. * psyc. cap on * . I have a mild sense of guilt at planning this in Johns absence but I think I can live with it!! wink

Jacques Roux
Oct 22 2006 17:32

Thanks to everyone who came by and said hi/ joined us in the pub afterwards!

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