All articles now transferred into libcom v4

After months of manually moving of all the hundreds of articles from news, features, organise, history, thought, notes, glossary and the blog from the old site at, they are finally all done.

Not only that, but they have all been categorised and tagged, have more extensive referencing and interlinking. Many articles have also had pictures and captions added.

We have also fixed lots of dead links in old articles, but if you see any more - or any other errors - please let us know in the feedback forum.

Now the transfer is complete we will continue to add more and more content (dozens of articles have been added in the last few days - ). Also, please feel free to contribute your own content.

Over the coming weeks we will be tidying the site up, making all the section indexes look nice and be more user-friendly, and adding some more site features. So watch this space!

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Nov 14 2006 15:23


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