Living The Dream in the time of #metoo Part 2

Living The Dream in the time of #metoo Part 2

Why isn't consent a solution to gendered and sexual violence? What can we make of the legacy of 70s feminism? How does feminism force us to rethink power and politics? All this and more in Part 2 of our 2-part Living The Dream #metoo special from The Word From Struggle Street .

This is Part 2 of our 2-part show with Tanya Serisier about #metoo, feminism and the struggle against gendered and sexual violence. This show fleshes out the problems of the notion of consent as a solution to gendered and sexual violence, the continuing importance of the lessons of 70s feminism, including much-maligned lesbian separatism, how feminism has forced a rethink of what politics and power is and we finish with Tanya’s reflections on the recent UCU strike and what it shows us about radical and collective struggles

Some stuff we mention includes:

Wendy Brown Moralism as Anti-politics

Critical Resistance

Tanya Serisier Is Consent Sexy

Judith Butler Sexual Consent: Some Thoughts on Psychoanalysis and Law

Nancy Fraser Feminism, Capitalism And The Cunning Of History

Adriana Cavarero In Spite of Plato

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