other archives hosted on libcom.org

other archives hosted on libcom.org

A breakdown of the other websites and online archives which libcom.org has incorporated over the years.

Recently, with the deletion of GeoCities and the surprise closure of numerous radical websites, we have absorbed a number of additional online archives, to keep content online and stop it being lost forever.

Below is a list of the main websites and archives which we have incorporated, with new URLs. If you spot broken links to any of these archives, please inform the websites of the updated addresses:

Biblioteca Virtual Revolucionária
Class Against Class (articles from the newer site are also elsewhere in the library)
Collective Action Notes
Endpage (Merged completely with libcom.org)
John Gray For Communism (merged completely)
Kurasje (contains some documents, others are elsewhere in the libcom library)
McDonalds Workers Resistance
No War but the Class War
Practical History
Processed World
Red and Black Notes
The Red Menace
Undercurrent (merged completely)
Wage Slave X

Our site continues to expand daily, and we appreciate any assistance in posting additional content. We are also happy for any people who run similar websites to duplicate all of their content here, or set up their website using the libcom library, as Aufheben and others have done.

In accomplishing this task we are extremely grateful to our users who copied content over.


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as mentioned here, here is our wish list of future archives to backup here:

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