Griffin grumble

I’ve just been watching pictures of the start of Nick Griffin’s trial coming through on the PA newswire, and he looks every inch the victor from this legal exchange between him and the state. Even if he is jailed, pictures of him flashing Churchill’s famous V sign will beam out across the face of the media from here to Australia. In one shot he is hugging a supporter, in another Union Jacks are flying and his security guards are having to shove him through a press scrum. Griffin is playing his notoriety well, and he has clearly learnt the lessons necessary to manhandle the media on his own terms.

The problem dealing with Griffin this way is that it gives him almost everything on his personal checklist of tactical support needs. 1) He gets an international platform in which to grin, wave and strike a heroic (if overweight) pose. 2) His supporters are placed outside the building in numbers, so he whole thing can be stage managed as a political rally to give the impression of public distaste for such attacks on free speech 3) The format of the trial itself allows him to indulge in his ’plucky underdog’ speil to his heart’s content. Everything from the shouts of free speech to his hand gestures and clear confidence gives the impression of someone battling a stodgy and anti-democratic state. He doesn’t look like a fat fascist trying to save his hide from jail, he looks like a courageous battler – and this impression will only grow if he gets sent down.

What I’m dearly hoping for is similarly media-savvy tactics from his opponents. Why hasn’t he been egged yet? No custard pies from the clowns? Where is the spoofing or the leftie spokespeople using the platform of this trial to attack his reputation? He needs to look ridiculous, not strong, and currently he is winning the media battles.

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Rob Ray
Nov 1 2006 11:50


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Nov 22 2006 07:45

Maybe next time we have a confrontation or demo, we could respnd by flying Union Jacks ourselves and show people we are also proud to be part od Britain.

Joseph Kay
Nov 22 2006 08:01

and maybe next time we confront the KKK, we could lynch a few niggers to show that we're also proud to be white ... :?