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Now that the paper is on a slightly more even keel for me personally (this most recent one was frustrating mainly through having to hold both the front page and page four while new stories came through), it’s going to be difficult to avoid going through the organisation and distribution of the paper, and contacting the various people who have offered their services but been stymied by my inability to find time to call them back or organise meetups.

I am considering calling a meeting of some kind for next week if people are available, either on a weekday afternoon or at the weekend, so I could possibly actually meet some of the regular contributors, go through organisational stuff and see what can be done to make sure the paper comes out on time rather than consistently late. It’s something I’ve had to put off time and time again, as my role has up til now been, by necessity, pretty strictly editorial and occasional donkey work, and the task of sorting out Freedom’s other myriad problems is a daunting one.

As a mild teaser for forthcoming issues of the paper (we’re back, sadly, in a position where I finished issue 6721 over the weekend while 6720 remains waiting to be mailed), we’ve got James Horrox answering the questions asked of his recent double feature on the Kibbutz movement in Israel, some outstanding economics critiquing from Ian Mackay, reports on secret weapons, roundups on Oaxaca, and more exclusive news* on the NHS crisis as the unions finally get going. Then there’s a post-bookfair interview with one of the collective and of course, prisons news, svartfrosk, the quiz, wildcat and imagine if.

*This would be our fourth exclusive front page in the last six issues. Another one is already in the pipeline too.

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Rob Ray
Nov 2 2006 12:55


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Nov 7 2006 12:04

saii, have you linked to this blog from the angel alley column out of interest?

Rob Ray
Nov 7 2006 16:26

No but it might be an idea I guess