Siemens hire an anti-trade union consultant

Siemens hire an anti-trade union consultant

Siemens in Pittsburgh have hired an ant-trade union consultant following workers decision to join the United Steelworkers. The bosses laughably send letters to all workers advising them that joining a trade union is not in their interests.

Siemen’s workers in Pittsburgh who recently joined the United Steelworkers (USW) have become targets for Siemens and their anti-trade union attitudes.

Siemens have hired a man called Ken Cannon, who is an anti-union consultant. He proudly advertises himself as having -“40 years of experience supporting management’s efforts to remain union free”.

Siemens director of Operations, Joe Didwall, recently sent letters to all employees. The letter contained the following passage:

“Siemens does not believe a union is in the best interests of our employees here In the North East. The reason is two-fold: Unions haven’t delivered on their promises and unionised employers can have difficulty being competitive in today’s global economy”.

The General Manager, Izadore Hossler, told workers that:

“If unionised, we will lose customers in the south as they don’t want to do business with a union facility”.

Cannon has been organising meetings with employees. He reportedly gloats about earning $1,000 a day, and claiming that he does not need to money, and “Does this kind of work for fun”. Workers report that Cannon has told them that they will be sacked if they don’t leave the union.

USW Spokesperson, Leo Gerard, said that:

“This is a classic union-busting operation. It is completely inconsistent with the company’s stated principles and with international labour conventions as well as US law”.

Siemens does have form for being an overtly anti-union organisation.

Solidarity with the workers at Siemens

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