WTF Happened in Brussels and do I really care?

Cameron and Clegg as Rod Hull and Emu:

The hilarity, good old David Cameron and his quiet glove puppet are having a relationship crisis. It seems Sir Nicolas of Clegg is upping his role to that of Emu. Rod Hull would be regularly attacked by his puppet Emu as he did his stand up routine in the good old days. You probably remember it fondly if you’re an old git like me. With Clegg and Cameron now all their friends are taking sides and its getting a bit serious. At least with Emu we knew it was just a show, but it appears to be a political rift that might bring about an election.

There was chubby cheeked David in Brussels when it all went wrong for him. The great Sarko, another entertainer from France had a bit of a spat with him it seems. A French diplomat described Cameron as ‘a man who turns up to a wife swapping party without his wife’. David Cameron had legitimate demands for a level of fiscal autonomy, but he was out of the loop. If only David had been at dinner with Angela Merkel and Sarko the night before things may look better for him. The problem is he made a stupid decision a while ago and has no friendships in Europe. No one likes him and is very alone.

You see David Cameron won Conservative Party support by appeasing a load of right-wing ultra nationalists in his own party. He did that by signing the party to an EU voting bloc that is replete with anti-semites, homophobes and ultra-nationalists from Eastern Europe. The kind of people who have been so alienated during Soviet times that a social democratic state would send them running for the home made weaponry. People raised on stories about the halcyon days of royal rule when pogroms kept the Jewish population low.

In short, David Cameron made friends with the wrong people. He thought he could get away with using that as a vote winner, but he forgets the ultra-bureaucracy created by the modern state. He was out of the loop, he missed out on the dinner before the big dinner in Brussels. Then everyone in Brussels treated him like a pariah for putting forward a proposal without consulting the elite. Its like turning up at Buckingham Palace to have an audience with the Queen, just on the off chance. Its not gona happen.

Then he got home and his quiet friend and kingmaker (just like Emu was to Rod Hull) was alright for a bit. Then Sir Nicolas’ friends said its not alright. This could screw up manufacturing interests in favour of the financial services sector. So now they’re all fighting. People talk of a rift in the coalition, but the opposition can only talk. Milliband says nothing of note.

With Rod Hull it appeared at times that Emu was alive. A real orange and purple ostrich attacking his handler with all guns blazing. In politics those blank expressions, occasional frowns, hollow eyes, straining grins. There is no life in this puppet show.

Give me the Muppets any day. They might have some sensible policies. Wouldn’t dinner with Kermit and Miss Piggy be far superior to Sarkozy and Merkel. Certainly more human anyway.

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Dec 12 2011 21:45



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