The Organizer # 26

PDF of Twin Cities IWW branch's quarterly newsletter.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on April 28, 2011


Anti-Union Bills
A look at legislative attacks on workers’ rights across the U.S.
Page 3 -4

Why we haven’t lost the fight for General Strike
Page 2

Member’s Corner
Dues: what they are and why we pay them
Page 4

May Day
International Worker’s day, past and present
Page 5-6

Jimmy John’s Workers Union
Get the full scoop on the organizing campaign
Page 6-7

Twin Cities Work People’s College
Bringing an old IWW education tool to a new office
Page 8


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Cheers for putting this up! Was a good read, and the Jimmy John's sandwich by healthy/sick worker graphic put a cheeky grin on my face.. ;)

Chilli Sauce

11 years 3 months ago

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Up the TC!