The Organizer # 25

The Organizer # 25

PDF of the November/December 2009 issue of the Twin Cities IWW branch's newsletter.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on May 1, 2011


Jimmy John’s Workers Union--- Here to Stay!
Page 1

Election is Only a Beginning
JJWU Fellow Worker reflects on moving forward after the election..
Page 2

Starbucks Workers Union Wins Recognition of MLK Jr. Day
After three years of actions for MLK Jr. Day, Starbucks Workers Union wins their demand!
Page 3-4

Do You Really Want to Overthrow Capitalism?
FW Nate H. addresses a frequently asked question regarding the IWW preamble and gives his
take on the moral wrongs of capitalism.

Pages 4-5

Why I’m a Wobbly
A dual-carder describes what drew him in to the IWW and why he’s sticking with the union.
Pages 5-6

Getting Schooled: Or How I Tried to Get a “Real Job”
First of a three part series about a fellow worker’s struggles as first generation college student.
Pages 6-8