Solidarity #14

Issue 14 of Solidarity from October-November 1980 with articles on the left, the French Communist Party, a pull-out feature on the uprising in Poland and more.

Submitted by Steven. on July 9, 2013


A nurse asks estate care is worth fighting for
Left consensus? No thanks!
Statistics can mislead you - but they can also demystify you
The French Communist Party 1980: Stalinists, Jacobins, Gaullists?
Review: The soldiers' strikes by Andrew Rothstein
Review: Socialism and housing action. The red paper on housing
Questionnaire for would-be liberated heterosexuals in mixed political groups
Solidarity supplement: Summer in Gdansk (see below)

Summer in Gdansk - Solidarity

Solidarity booklet produced in late 1980 about the mass strikes in Poland which had just ended in huge victory for the workers who had made a mixture of economic and political demands.

Submitted by Steven. on July 9, 2013