International Council Correspondence Volume 2, Number 9-10

International Council Correspondence, Vol. 2, no. 9-10, September 1936

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•The Land of Promise. Report from Palestine [Tel-Aviv][=Walter Auerbach]
•Masters of Tomorrow, by Max Nomad [reply to Paul Mattick in International Council Correspondence, Vol. II, no 7]
◦II. Fascism and Bolshevism
◦III. “Councils” and Soviets
◦IV. The Permanent Revolution
•The Party and the Working Class [Anton Pannekoek]




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The first article on Palestine was published in 1936 just at the class struggle in Palestine had erupted but this article chooses instead to concentrate on the inter-bourgeois squabbles in the country and the balance of forces between the Arab and Jew bourgeosies.