International Council Correspondence Volume 6, Number 2

New Essays. A Quarterly Devoted to the Study of Modern Society (International Council Correspondence), Vol. 6, no. 2, Fall 1942

Submitted by Qasim on March 19, 2016


•Notes on History / Karl Korsch
◦The Ambiguities of Totalitarian Ideologies
◦The Old and the New Imperialism
◦Revolutionary and Counter/Revolutionary Aspects of Totalitarianism
◦The Historical Philosophy of Nazism
◦The age of Pan/Historism
◦Towards a New Function of Historical Knowledge
•Materialism and Historical Materialism / J. Harper [=Anton Pannekoek]
•Marxism and Empiricism. Preliminary Remarks / Fred
•The Heydrich Pattern / Alpha
•What Destroyed Democracy? An Analysis of Capitalist Technology / Julien Coffinet
•The Structure and Practice of Totalitarianism / K.K. [=Karl Korsch]
◦Why Behemoth?
◦The Legal Mind
◦Ideology versus History
◦The Native Returns
•The Marxian Dialectic and its Recent Critics (to be continued)
◦I. Development of Bourgeois Science and Philosophy
◦[II.] Metaphysics and Empiricism
•Book Reviews
The Structure of the Nazi Economy, by Maxime Y. Sweezy. The Social Policy of Nazi Germany, by C.W. Gauillebaud / P.M. [=Paul Mattick]
Foundations of Modern World Society, by Linden A. Mauder / M.
The Nature of Modern Warfare, by Cyrill Falls / l.h. [=Karl Korsch]
Challenge to Karl Marx, by John Kenneth Turner/ Luenika [=Paul Mattick]


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