International Council Correspondence Volume 6, Number 3

New Essays. A Quarterly Devoted to the Study of Modern Society (International Council Correspondence), Vol. 6, 1943, no 3, Spring

Submitted by Qasim on March 19, 2016


•Wilson vs. Roosevelt: Reflection on a Charter / Dwight MacDonald
•A Historical View of Geopolitics / Karl Korsch
◦The Status of Geopolitik in the U.S.
◦The Historical Approach
◦From MacKinder to Haushofer
•The Bureaucratic Spirit / Sebastian Frank
•Marxism and Pragmatism / C.P. West
•Competition and Monopoly / Paul Mattick
•Philosophy and the State (continuation of The Marxian Dialectic and its Recent Critics, to be continued)
•Book Reviews
And Keep Your Powder Dry! An Anthropologist, by Margaret Mead / K.K. [=Karl Korsch]
Escape from Freedom, by Erich Fromm / Victor Serge
Make This the Last War, by Michael Straight / W.B.
The Silent War. The Underground Movement in Germany, by J.B. Jansen end Stefan Weyl / M.
The Principle of Power. The Great Crisis of History, by Guglielmo Ferrero / M.
Conditions of Peace, by Edward Hallet Carr / M.


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