Industrial Worker #1684 (May 2006)

The May 2006 issue of the Industrial Worker, the official English-language publication of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Submitted by Juan Conatz on May 15, 2016

Contents include:

- The power in our hands

- A May Day fight for workers' rights

- General strike kills French anti-labor law

- No one is illegal by Arthur J. Miller

- Brooklyn warehouse workers winning with direct action

- Learning as we fight: AMFA & IWW by Jeff Jones

- Toward a new labor media movement? by Eric Lee

- Waking up might be a class act by Gary Cox

- Work injuries undercounted by Confined Space

- New York fines transit union $2.5 million, jails leader

- Whose hand is picking your pocket?

- The plight for freedom: Bay Area Wobblies joing April 10 National Day of Action by Dean Dempsey

- May 1st: defend the rights of immigrant workers

- Si se puede to si se pudo: changing a moment into a movement

- Wide, wide world of sweatshops: 2006 SweatFree communities conference by Kenneth Killer

- Why "Buy American" won't work by Kertes

- The price of our future by Todd Jordan

- Organizing the education industry

- Review: History against misery by David Roediger

- March to the left by Dorice McDaniels

- Health care reform only a boss could love

- Labor fakers' luxuries

- World labor solidarity