Industrial Worker #1685 (June 2006)

Articles from the June 2006 issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Submitted by Juan Conatz on May 15, 2006

Contents include:

- Millions strike, march in massive May Day protests

- It's no silver screen: Shattuck Cinema workers go IWW by Dean Dempsey

- U.S. to dispatch troops to Mexican border?

- Readers' soapbox - Farewell, Fellow Worker: Reino Erkkila

- Madison IWW organizing downtown workers by John Peck

- Fabric store workers make gains with new contract by x345292

- Around our union

- Workers march against war

- NYC transit union sues to make bosses accept concessions

- AK Steel lock-out in third month by x360160

- Workers of the world have nothing to lose but their Zip Codes by Eric Lee

- 1,000 activists at Labor Notes meet by Harry Kelber

- Air transport workers form industrial network by Joshua Devries

- Delphi, unions nearing concessions deal?

- "My son was killed": Workers Memorial Day, Philadelphia

- Five Amersino IWW members fired after rigged NLRB election

- Open Letter: Where were you, big labor, the day workers moved a nation?

- Intransigent in Illinois: Hey Electri-Flex, show your workers some respect! by Rik Hakala and Matt Zito

- General strike hits employers in pockets

- The machines stand idle, producing no wealth by Steve Kellerman

- Euro Mayday protests casualization

- “We’ve been robbed long enough. It’s time to strike” : Remember the 1916 strike on Minnesota’s iron range by Jeff Pilacinski

- Remembering the Coors strike by Gary Cox

- Review: Bread & roses: mills, migrants and the struggle for the American dream by Bruce Watson

- Depression-era anthem echoes immigrant struggle by Mark R. Wolff

- Pittsburgh IWW celebrates May Day & branch charter day by Kevin Farkas

- Newspaper workers stand together in Philly

- World labor solidarity

- Unions celebrate May Day amidst growing social conflict in Mexico by Paul Bocking