UK McStrike leaflet, 2002

Text of a UK leaflet building for an international strike of McDonalds employees on 16 October 2002, by McDonalds Workers Resistance.

Submitted by Steven. on March 18, 2017

October 16th 2002?

October 16th is world anti-McDonalds day, it's also the date of the first ever co-ordinated international mobilisation by the McDonalds
workforce. This maybe the first you've heard of the international networks of McDonalds workers that work together to advance our interests and to confront the exploitation and greed of McDonalds... you will hear a lot more over the next few years...

What's happening?
McDonalds workers in the UK, across continental Europe, Russia, North America and Canada are working together to protest against our low wages, poor working conditions and McDonalds attempts at preventing us from organising. Some workers will go on strike or take the day off, others will work, but very slowly, and some will sabotage their shifts by giving away free food, stealing from the tills or damaging equipment. If you want to be part of it, do something, make sure it's not business as usual, and let us know about it- by e-mail to both [email protected] and [email protected] or by phone to: ((00) 44) 07732 531 196 Let's take our first steps towards freedom together!

Anything else?
If Ocotber 16th is a protest we hope it will also be a celebration of our new found unity, internationalism and rebellion. So use the excuse to get together with your workmates for a few drinks, bongs, cups of coffee... make friends in kitchen, make trouble on tills, make love in the stockroom.

Because we are sick of low wages and dire conditions... Because we object to McDonalds' environmental destruction and emotional manipulation of children... Because working for McDonalds is boring and pointless... Because we are not so stupid as to work our asses off just to make someone else rich... Because the workers united are more powerful than they can possibly imagine.

What are we achieving?
We are showing ourselves and the world that we are capable of organising internationally and that we are not powerless in the face of multi-national corporations- that in fact it is us who make their billions and we are willing and able to fight back. We are showing ourselves and the world that there is a young generation of workers, passionate and rebellious, who refuse to live like past generations- we will not surrender a piece of our lives to an idiotic pursuit of wealth on behalf of those who already have too much.

October 16th is our day, we are taking it back from the bosses... be part of it!
P.O. Box 3828, Glasgow, G411YU, UK

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