Freedom November 8 2005

The lead article for November was on wildcat postal strikes, which saw 30,000 walk out over "terms and conditions. After the Communication Worker’s Union’s (CWU) ballot over national strike action was lost the Royal Mail management have tried to press ahead with "modernisation" of the service. Modernisation of course being destruction of the union, wage cuts and slashing up to 30,000 jobs.

Submitted by Rob Ray on May 1, 2017

Also in this issue:

  • Piccadilly line underground train crash
  • George Bush will be in London from 19th to 21st November
  • Thessaloniki hunger strike continues
  • On the picket line
  • Annual anarchist bookfair ... biggest ever ...
  • Anarchist Federation of Gaucha (FAG) talk about Brazilian self-organisation
  • Review: The Beano

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