Anarchist Soviet Bulletin

The Anarchist Soviet Bulletin was a periodical published in New York, NY from April 1919-August 1920. While this digitized record is incomplete, according to Anarchist Periodicals Published in the United States: 1833-1955 by Ernesto A. Longa, the periodical "appears to have ceased publication for a few
months between its December 1919 and April 1920 issues,". Additionally, issue numbering abruptly jumps from Volume 1, Issue 10 in April 1920 to Volume 2, Issue 14 for the May 1920 issue.

Longa notes that, while he was unable to find an editor listed on the periodical itself, historian Paul Avrich (in Anarchist Voices: An Oral History of Anarchism in America), based on interviews with anarchists from the period, attributes editorship to Marcus Graham. In Partisans of Freedom: A Study in American Anarchism, historian William O. Reichert notes that Graham was imprisoned on Ellis Island for issuing the Anarchist Soviet Bulletin.

This periodical's title is, by today's standard, somewhat of an oxymoron, given the eventual anarchist disillusionment and rejection of the Soviet project (by 1925, both Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman had published book-length works on their disillusionment with the Soviet government). This periodical, then, is a testament to the hope American anarchists once put in the Bolsheviks, as well as the degree to which American anarchists were connected to international struggles during this period.