Principia Dialectica issue 2

Principia Dialectica: Enemies of Utopia for the Sake of Its Realisation Issue 2 Autumn/Winter 2006

Submitted by dendrite303 on June 30, 2019

Editorial: A World on Fire
Rethinking the Crystal Theory of Capitalism by Moishe Postone
The Metaphysical Subtleties of Class Struggle: On the Unspoken Premises of an Odd Retro-Discourse by Norbert Trinkle
Deep Crisis in France compiled and edited by Charles Williams
Notes from the Steam Room by Professor Sprint
Factsheet on Nuclear Power, 1974
Irradiated of the World Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Faded Genes. by Nicolas Holliman
The Rotting Fruits of Revolution: William Morris Meets the Constructivists in the Work of David Mabb by Alice McEwan
Principia Dialectica Poster
Back to the USSR by Lita Branda
The New China Syndrome by Len Bracken
The Tragedy of the Middle East
When Loving Is a Crime by Simon Forbes
Blockbuster Libraries by David Black
Reaping the Whirlwind by Sheila Trapovska
Diggin' that Trad Beat
Alien Nation by Steve Ash
Sweeties for Scotland by David Newbigging
Reifications of the Imagination