Arsenal: Surrealist Subversion 3

English-Language Journal of the International Surrealist Movement.

Submitted by dendrite303 on January 19, 2020

Editorial: 1976: End of the "American Way of Life"
The Secret Passage by Joseph Jablonski
Poetic Matters by Philip Lamantia
The Musician by Cecil Taylor
Black Music & the Surrealist Revolution by Franklin Rosemont
Love of Work and the Fear of Play by Paul Garon
Aphorisms on Imagination by Saint-Pol-Roux (Paul-Pierre Roux)
Odawalla by Joseph Jarman
Disarm the Police! Arm the Unemployed! by Jean-Jacques Jack Dauben
Manifesto of the Arab Surrealist Movement (1975) by Arab Surrealist Movement
Delicious Navigation by Robert Green
Inhabitants of the Iron Works by Stanley
The Coherence of Waves by Penelope Rosemont
Manifesto: Black Widow by J.-J. J. Dauben
Bird-Drill Meets Novocaine Headdress by T. R. Johnson
Clean by Rikki
Jitai and the Morandists by Joseph Jablonski
Manifesto of the Portuguese Surrealists (1950) by Mario Henrique Leira et al.
Communication to the Portuguese Writers Association by Mario Cesariny
Unpublished Works of T-Bone Slim
Letter to the Surrealists of the U.S. (1967) by Surrealist Group of France
The Personal Eye by Clarence John Laughlin
Openers by Philip Lamntia
Introduction to Benjamin Paul Blood by Franklin Rosemont
The Anesthetic Revelation (excerpts) by Benjamin Paul Blood
Philosophical Lice by Benjamin Paul Blood
Contributions to a Critique of the Philosophy of Hegel by Benjamin Paul Blood
The Catastrophic Revolt of the Gene Pool by Debra Taub
Time-Travelers' Potlatch
On the Publication of Some of Sigmund Freud's Letters to André Breton
Letter from Sigmund Freud to André Breton
Addiction to Light by Paul Garon
The Revelation of Night by Malcolm de Chazal
Confessions of a Sword Swallower by Robert Day
Surrealism in Denmark
Introduction to Constantin Brunner
Jonathan Swift by Constantin Brunner
The Double-Bladed Pelvis by Thom Burns
Notes on the Legacy of Cthulhu by Franklin Rosemont
On the Problem of Max Ernst by Thom Burns
Bird Man, Without a Feather Left by Brooke Rothwell
Responses to Inquiry in Arsenal 1