Arsenal: Surrealist Subversion 2

English-Language Journal of the International Surrealist Movement.

Submitted by dendrite303 on January 19, 2020

The Garden of Eden by Stephen Schwartz
The Origin of Species (excerpt) by Penelope Rosemont
Notes on the Revolution of Witchcraft by Joseph Jablonski
The Crisis of the Imagination by Franklin Rosemont
Journey to the Center of the Pond by Franklin Rosemont
Poem by Patrick Mullins
The Exegesis of Love by Robert Day
War Against the Pope
Letter from the Surrealists to Benjamin Mendoza y Amor
Two Poems by Joseph Jablonski
Where Have You Been? by Penelope Rosemont
Three Poems by Malcolm de Chazal
Three Poems by Peter Manti
The Double by Rikki
Surrealist Occupational Index by Paul Garon
Revenge of the Ibis by Penelope Rosemont
The Garden of Eden (Lucas, Kansas) by Samuel Perry Dinsmoor
Between the Gulfs by Philip Lamantia
Leninism and the Structure of the Poetic Image by Virgil Teodorescu
Persistence of Flames by Gellu Naum
The Illegality of Despair by Paul Garon
Becoming Visible (poems) by Philip Lamantia
Poem by Etienne Lero
A Visit With Don Talayesva by Stephen Schwartz
Wild Glee from Elsewhere by Joyce Mansour
The Terrifying Days (A Dream Tale) by Joseph Jablonski
Unpublished Works of T-Bone Slim
Drawings by E. F. Granell
Surrealism in Martinique (1932)
Manifesto: Legitimate Defense by Étienne Léro and René Ménil et al.
The New Lotto Game by Guy Ducornet and Rikki
André Breton by Anna Balakian: A Review by Franklin Rosemont
Recently Published Works by Leon Trotsky by Peter Manti et al.
Surrealist Communications & Reviews
Surrealist Publications in the U.S.: 1971-73