Race Traitor #13-14

13/14th issue of Race Traitor, Summer 2001.

SPECIAL DOUBLE ISSUE: Surrealism in the USA: The Complete Contents of the Suppressed Surrealist Issue of "Socialist Review"

Submitted by Fozzie on December 20, 2018

Table of Contents

Editorial: A Note to the Readers of RACE TRAITOR

Ron Sakolsky: Return of the Suppressed

Introduction - Surrealist Subversion in Chicago

Franklin Rosemont: Surrealism, Poetry, & Politics

Danny Postel: An Interview With Penelope Rosemont

David Roediger: Radical HIstory Without Surrealism

Anne Olson: The marvelous Against the Sacred

Paul Garon: Houston Baker's Blues Position

Joseph Jablonski: Their Millenium and Ours

Mari Jo Marchnight: Surrealism and Women's Liberation

Penelope Rosemont: Ody Saban - Surrealist and Outsider

Don LaCoss: Conflicting Views of Surrealism - Vaneigem vs. Kelley

Robin D.G. Kelley: A New Look at the Communist Manifesto

FROM THE SIXTIES TO THE NEW MILLENIUM: Nancy Joyce Peters: Long Live the Living! Les Blank's Always for Pleasure

Paul Buhle: Herbert Marcuse, Surrealism, & Us

Herert Marcuse: Interview With the Surrealist Journal L'Archibras

Joseph jablonski: Surrealist Implications of Chance

Philip Lamantia & Nancy Joyce Peters: Surrealism Today & Tomorrow

Robert Green: Against the Art Racket

The Chicago Surrealist Group: Maxwell Street Forever! The Surrealist Movement in the United States: Who Needs the WTO?

Franklin Rosemont: The Only Game in Town: Surrealism and Play

SURREALIST GAMES: If He/She Were a Flower

Latent News

The Exquisite Corpse

Time-Travelers' Potlatch

INQUIRY: SURREALIST SUBVERSION IN EVERYDAY LIFE: Franklin Rosemont & Paul Garon: The Role of Inquiriy in Surrealist Research

The Questions

Responses by Gale Ahrens, Diana Almario-Kopp, Jennifer Bean, Dan Boyer, Marilyn Buck, Paul Buhle, Ronnie Burk, Jayne Cortez, Rikki Ducornet, J. Alen Fees, Bradon J. Freels, Paul & Elizabeth Garon, Jan Hathaway, Bertha Husband & Mari Jo Marchnight, Joseph Jablonski, Robin D.G. Kelley, Don LaCoss, Casandra Stark Mee, Frank Morales, Anne Olson, Myrna Bell Rochester, David Roediger, Larry Romano, Franklin Rosemont, Penelope Rosemont, Michael Stone-Richards & Julien Lenoir, Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

POETRY & STORIES: Penelope Rosemont, Mary Low, Jayne Cortez, Casandra Stark Mee, Franklin Rosemont, Ted Joans, Darryl Lorenzo Wellington, Ronnie Burk

Further Reading on Surrealism

"Socialist Review" Editors Afterword

The Surrealists' Response to the "Socialist Review" Afterword

REPRODUCTIONS: Works by Diana Almario-Kopp, Eric Bragg, Laura Corsiglia, Carlos Cortez, Jayne Cortez, Guy Ducornet, Rikki Ducornet, Schlechter Duval, Eugenio F. Granell, Robert Green, Diedra Harris-Keley, Jan Hathaway, Bertha Husband, Cynthia Jablonski, Mary Low, Casandra Stark Mele, Jacinto Minot, Anne Olson, Nancy J. Peters, Irene Plazewska, Franklin Rosemont, Penelope Rosemont, Ody Saban, Debra Taub, Joel Williams