Arsenal: Surrealist Subversion 1

English-Language Journal of the International Surrealist Movement.

Submitted by dendrite303 on January 19, 2020

Introduction to to the Complete Works of Lautreamont by André Breton
The Letters of Isidore Ducasse by Comte de Lautréamont
Manifesto on the Position & Direction of the Surrealist Movement in the United States by Franklin Rosemont
Plastic Sensibility (excerpts) by Malcolm de Chazal
Beyond the Shadow of a Tic by Joseph Jablonski
Religious Intoxication of Large Cities by Joyce Mansour
The Eucharistic Congress of Chicago by Benjamin Péret
Red Lion by Penelope Rosemont
Blues and the Poetry of Revolt by Paul Garon
The Return of the Great Invisibles: Drawings & Poems by Schlechter Duvall
Edward Young (1681-1765) by Franklin Rosemont
Message from Below Sea Level by Her de Vries
A Survey of Surrealism in Europe by Laurens Vancrevel
Surrealism? by Ragnar von Holton
Surrealism in Czechoslovakia
Prague in the Colors of the Times by Stanislav Dvorsky, Ludvig Svab, Vratislav Effenberger, Petr Kral
The Debutante by Leonora Carrington
Conquest of Dawn by Aimé Césaire
Preliminary Transatlantic Repercussions of the Painting of Jorge Camacho by Franklin Rosemont
The Invisible Axis by Jean Schuster
Letter to Andre Breton by Leon Trotsky
Three Poems (circa 1914-15) by Samuel Greenberg
The Heartless Square by Annie Le Brun
Mirage Artifacts by Stephen Schwartz
Surrealism & the Future of Psychoanalysis by Franklin Rosemont
Hegel — Lenin — Luxemburg: 1770 — 1870 — 1970