The Raven #02 1987

Issue 2 of The Raven journal from August 1987 with articles from Colin Ward on self-help in urban renewal, Geoffrey Ostergaard on Indian anarchism and Vinoba Bhave and more.


  • Editorial
  • Johann Neve (1844-1896) - Heiner Becker
  • Self-Help in Urban Renewal - Colin Ward
  • Walden Center and School - David Koven
  • Surrealism in England; Heads or Tails? - Franklin Rosemont
  • Surrealism in England: What about Jesus? - Arthur Moyse
  • Indian Anarchism: The Case of Vinoba Bhave - Geoffrey Ostergaard
  • Woodcock Reconsidered - Nicolas Walter
  • Review: Denis Pym on Lewis Mumford, The Future of Technics and Civilization
  • Review: George Woodcock on Benjamin Tucker and the Champions of ‘Liberty’

Illustrations between pages 129 and 136 and pages 153 and 160


Raven-02.pdf (4.6 MB)