The Raven #09 1990

Front cover of the Raven #9 with a black and white illustration of a bird and a list of the contributors

Ninth issue of The Raven from January 1990. Contents of variable quality and usefulness.

Submitted by Fozzie on April 10, 2022


  • Editorial
  • Mikhail Bakunin and the National Question - Serge Sipko
  • Has Anarcho-Communism Failed? - Laslo Sekelj
  • Architecture: Making Nowhere Somewhere - Colin Ward
  • Sociobiology: An Alternative View - Brian Morris
  • Anarchism and Human Nature - Don Alexander
  • Feminism, Anarchism and Ecology: Some Connections - Nickie Hallam & David Potter
  • Male/Female Relations and the anthropological record - Harold Barclay
  • C.W. Daniel: The odd man - Nicolas Walter
  • A challenge to accepted fictions - Andrew Hedgecock (reviews of recent Freedom Press publicartions)


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