The Raven #16: On Education (2)

A cute cartoon of a  seated kid with the top of his head opened to reveal some flowers growing. He is watering the flowers from a wartering can

The second Education-themed edition of this anarchist journal published by Freedom Press in 1991.

Submitted by Fozzie on December 21, 2022


  • The seeds of its own destruction - Michael Duane
  • Our responsibility for the future of higher education - John A Schumacher
  • The axe, the chainsaw, and education - Denis Pym
  • Nurturing the radical spirit - Gaetano Piluso
  • Sexual freebom at all ages - Tony Gibson
  • The new superpower - Amorey Gethin
  • Delinquency - Alex Comfort
  • Kropotkin, mutual aid, and selfish genes - Peter Gibson
  • Adrift in the lanb of patriots - David Koven
  • Editor’s notes

cover illustration by Donald Rooum

PDF courtesy of Sparrows Nest Archive, Nottingham.


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