The Raven #14: On Voting

Cover of Raven 14 is an illustration by Rufus Segar from 1964 showing a two fingers up gesture with the slogan "why I won't vote"

An issue of the anarchist journal The Raven from 1991 with articles on voting in elections - and being against that.

Submitted by Fozzie on May 28, 2022


  • Editorial
  • Freedom to vote? Freedom from voting? - Peter Cadogan
  • The green dilemma - Brian Leslie (UK Green Party)
  • To vote or not to vote? - Michael Duane
  • Election tactics - Jonathan Simcock
  • The exercise of real power - Zeb Korycinska
  • Compulsory Voting: a useful target for anti-state action? - Brian Martin (Australia)
  • Democracy destroyed by its very institutions: the example of Switzerland - Marianne Enckel and Phillippe Tonnelier
  • The 'purists', the 'realists' and the straightjacket: Emma Goldman, the Spanish Anarchists and the February Elections, 1936 - Tony Powell
  • Revolutionary Government - Peter Kropotkin
  • Anarchists and voting - Freedom (Three editorials from 1964)
  • Comments on The Raven 12: On Communication

Cover illustration by Rufus Seagar from Anarchy 37, March 1964.