The Raven #22: Crime

Cover illustration: The Boys Prison at Tothill F ields, Westminster, from Richard Byrne Prisons & Punishment of London, Grafton 1992

1993 issue of this anarchist journal published by Freedom Press. Contents of extremely variable quality.

Submitted by Fozzie on December 22, 2022

The John Myhill article is remarkably terrible and uses a caricature of man-hating PC feminism gone mad to delegitimise the voices of victims of sexual abuse who dare to speak out. It is reproduced here for references purposes.


  • Editors Introduction - Chris Platts
  • Delinquency Then and Now - Tony Gipson
  • Crime, Delinbuency and the State - John Pilgrim
  • Penal Reform: the Great British Failure - Colin Ward
  • Crime and Punishment: Conservative Style - Jeremy Cameron
  • Anarchy and the Mad Axe Man - Stephen Cullen
  • Clara Wickman and the End of Criminal Law - Hans Ramaer and Thom Holterman
  • Children Abusing Adults: Rule 43 - John Myhill
  • The Challenor Case Thirty Years On - Donald Rooum
  • The Crime of Punishment - Clarence Darrow
  • Community and the Regulation of Conduct - David Hartley

PDF courtesy of Sparrows Nest Archive, Nottingham.


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