The Raven #20: Peter Kropotkin 150th Anniversary

A line drawing portrait of Peter Kroptkin

Issue of this anarchist journal published by Freedom Press in 1992.

Submitted by Fozzie on December 21, 2022


  • Editorial
  • Peter Kroptkin 1842-1921 - Herbert Read
  • Raven Review: words of a rebel - Nicolas Walter
  • Kropotkin's Federalism - Colin Ward
  • Freedom and Order in Nineteenth Century Anarchism - George Crowder
  • Bakunin's and Kropotkin's theories of revolution in comparative perspective - Laslo Sekelj
  • Peter Kropotkin at work - Max Nettlau
  • Anarchists have forgotten their principles - Errico Malatesta
  • Pro-Government Anarchists - Errico Malatesta
  • Peter Kropotkin: Recollections and criticisms of an old friend - Errico Malatesta

PDF courtesy of Sparrows Nest Archive, Nottingham.