Errico Malatesta

Ang Programang Anarkista

A Tagalog translation of Errico Malatesta's 1920 pamphlet “An Anarchist Programme”

The Anarchists versus the Plague: Malatesta and the Cholera Epidemic of 1884

In 1884, cholera tore through Italy, claiming thousands of lives. Despite a three-year prison sentence hanging over his head, Errico Malatesta joined other revolutionary anarchists on a daring mission to Naples—the heart of the epidemic—to treat those suffering from the disease. In so doing, he and his comrades demonstrated an alternative to coercive state policies that remains relevant today in the age of COVID-19. This article was first published by Crimethinc.

A Half Hour with Errico Malatesta - Eugene Lanti

A brief interview between Eugene Lanti and Errico Malatesta in 1924 shortly after the rise of Mussolini. Topics covered are linguistics and Fascism.

Anarkiya at Pamahalaan

An excerpt from Errico Malatesta's "Anarchy" translated into Filipino.

“Dalawang Magbubukid” ni Errico Malatesta

A 1913 Tagalog translation of Errico Malatesta's “Between Peasants” or “Fra Contadini.”
An introduction to anarchism and anarcho-communism written as a dialogue between two farmers.

The anarchists and workers’ societies - Errico Malatesta

Malatesta on anarchist roles in unions

Organization - Errico Malatesta

Malatesta article against anti-organizationalist anarchism

The method of freedom:an Errico Malatesta reader - Errico Malatesta

An anthology of Errico Malatesta's writings from the First International to 1931

The experimental anarchist colonies - Errico Malatesta

Malatesta criticism of Anarchist Colonies as prove of the feasibility of anarchism

Three articles about 1st of may - Errico Malatesta

Malatesta's account of Mayday it's turn from a day of workers',strike into a labor holiday and the state of the anarchist movement