Geoffrey Ostergaard

Indian anarchism

GEOFFREY OSTERGAARD. who is a frequent contributor to ANARCHY, is visiting Professor of Political Science at Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Approaches to industrial democracy - Geoffrey Ostergaard

Critique of various approaches to industrial democracy and workers' control by Geoffrey Ostergaard.

The Raven #02

Issue 2 of The Raven journal from August 1987 with articles from Colin Ward on self-help in urban renewal, Geoffrey Ostergaard on Indian anarchism and Vinoba Bhave and more.

The tradition of workers' control - Geoffrey Ostergaard

The Tradition of Workers' Control

In this book the English anarchist writer Geoffrey Ostergaard sets out to sketch the historical development of the concept of workers' control in Britain, to clarify and assess the significance of the concept, and to explain why, both in theory and in practice, the idea has met with such little success.